How to Sell a House for Cash

how to sell your house for cash

How to Sell a House for Cash

Is selling your house for cash a straightforward process? If so, why would you consider this strategy?

Home buyers usually rely on banks to finance a typical purchase. The lending institution provides a loan in the form of a mortgage which is paid for by the buyer over a course of time.

This process can be challenging and create a burden for both the buyer and seller in the transaction. If the lender for some reason decides to deny the loan, the seller must start over to find a different buyer that will qualify. Each lender has different underwriting guidelines that will need to be met.

Selling a house for cash will simplify the process.

Find a Buyer That Has Cash

There are plenty of people that buy homes with cash instead of using traditional lending. Not all cash buyers are created equal though.

You should do your homework to ensure they are reputable and will perform. I am sure you have seen or heard about local We Buy Houses companies. They are direct buyers and investors who will buy the home as-is with cash.

Find a cash buyer

Most reputable investors and direct buyers won’t have handwritten signs throughout the city. Verifying a cash buyer is straight forward.

What is the easiest way to verify if they are real? Check their online website and company registration. This in most cases can take you less than 10 minutes.

Home Buyer Checklist

  • Professional Website
  • Customer Reviews
  • County or State Business Registration

Professional cash buyers will be able to walk you through these verifications and provide previous closed sale documents.

Selling to a Cash Buyer Step by Step

Using a cash buyer is a good option if you want to sell your house fast and have a easy transaction. It really is this easy!

cash buying process for selling houses
  1. Find a Cash Buyer and schedule a call.
  2. The cash buyer will schedule a onsite appointment to view the property.
  3. Due to COVID some cash buyers will just collect all the property details over the phone
  4. The cash buyer will then present you with an as-is cash offer.
  5. A closing date is set to your convenience

Why is the process of selling to a cash buyer so much easier?

Time is one of the biggest factors when considering selling for cash.

Zillow’s data shows most homes take 60 or more days to get under contract and close. Depending on where you are at in the real estate cycle will determine that number. In 22010 when we were going through the housing meltdown the National average was as high as 140 days.

Yes, there are times in the cycle when you will get multiple offers as soon as it hits the market. In regular market conditions this is not the norm. If the home is not move in ready and there are other options available, the time it will sit on the market will increase.

Traditional Selling Process:

  1. Find a knowledgeable agent
  2. Make repairs to prepare for listing
  3. Clean and purge any unwanted items
  4. Stage the home for open house events
  5. Negotiate offers
  6. Go through inspection period and negotiate and concessions
  7. Buyer will need to finalize bank financing

Which Selling Strategy is The Best Option for You?

decide which way to sell your house

There are benefits to both methods and you will have to determine which is best for your situation. If making it an easy sale and time if of the essence a cash buyer would be your best choice.

If you have plenty of time and doing repairs prior to selling, then using an agent to list would be the way to go.

Here is a breakdown of benefits when selling for cash to a direct buyer.

  • No Cleaning, Staging or Showings
  • No appraisal contingencies
  • No Repairs which cost money
  • No Agent or Online Listing Fees

Professional cash buyers will prepare all the necessary documents needed to facilitate the sale. An expert escrow agent will complete all title work to make sure the transaction closes without any issues.

If you have any questions about selling direct to a cash buyer, give us a call. A cash buyer might not be a good fit and we will point you in the right direction either way.

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