Sell Your House by Owner in Florida

sell your house by owner in florida

Are you considering selling your house by owner in Florida? We will walk you through the process and include all the pros and cons. Read our ultimate FSBO Guide below!

Are you considering selling your house by Owner in Florida?

Selling a house by owner can save you thousands in commissions and fees, while giving you more control of the sale.

However, it’s not as easy as you might think. It does take some effort on your part to execute the plan.

Therefore, we are here to help you on your journey in selling your house by owner.

The more information and knowledge you can provide your potential buyer the more likely you will be able to secure a buyer.

Selling your house without an agent will save you money, but their expertise and efforts might outweigh the savings in some cases.

We will walk you through the pros and cons of our FSBO experience at Official Cash Offer. Each step will be listed below in detail so you can sell your house by owner in Florida.

There are Benefits of Selling Your House by Owner in Florida

Selling your house by owner in Florida has a lot of benefits compared to selling your house with an agent that can take you down a long and costly path.

the path of for sale by owner

You will be engulfed with continuous open houses, ugly realtor signs and having to prepare the property to market ready standards.

There is a way to avoid these frustrations and save money in the selling process.

Let’s explore how to sell your house in Florida by owner!

Save Money on Florida Agent Fees

There is one thing that most homeowners have in common when selling.

save money in Florida real estate

Homeowners want to NET at closing the most money possible.

The biggest benefit of selling a house by owner in Florida is to avoid paying those annoying real estate commissions.

Florida agents charge between 5-6 percent on average. For example, on a 350K sale price, the agent will walk away with $21,000.

If you happen to work with a seller’s agent, they might push you to take the first available offer.

Take advantage of selling the house yourself to remove pressure from an agent to steer you in their direction. There are some great agents out there, but you could do it yourself if you wanted to.

“Do I need to pay the buyer’s realtor if I sell my house by owner?”

At the end of the day this decision is up to you. In your marketing ads you can say you are not offering an agent commission.

This will limit your pool of buyers because most buyers use real estate agents.

These days because of the internet you have access to get your property in front of thousands of people with the click of a button. Here are some websites where you can list your property free or at a small cost.

You Are in Control of The Sale

A real estate agent’s main function is to get your property listed on the MLS so that interested buyers know it’s for sale. They also conduct open houses, schedule inspections and showing times.

If you are not afraid to take on some of these actions yourself, you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Get the word out to your local network. This is a fast and effortless way to start the for sale by owner process.

By using social media, you can get your property in front of thousands of people with one click of a button.

Create a post for Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform you might use. Make sure your post includes nice pictures and an engaging caption.

Start with old school word of mouth marketing to get people to start talking about the opportunity. You just never know who might be in the market to purchase a home.

The internet has opened the door for homeowners to sell their property with ease.

There are websites where you can pay a minimal fee that will list your property on the MLS.

You will have to offer up a buyer’s agent commission but that slashes your fees down to 2-3 percent.

So even if you decide to go with a full-service brokerage, having this option gives you leverage so the agent will have to be more competitive with their services and fees.

Do you want an agent to negotiate the sale of your house?

If you are still considering selling for sale by owner in Florida, you know how much your house is worth.

So, ask yourself do you really need a middleman for negotiations? If the answer is yes, then a realtor might be your better option.

Selling a house by owner gives you more control over negotiations. Negotiations don’t just stop at the sale price. There will be contingencies for repairs and inspections as well.

Selling a home requires attention to detail for a quick sale at full market value. Some agents can provide this service if you don’t want to spend the time and effort on it. Choosing the right agent will be crucial since they have many clients on their plate at once.

Selling by owner puts the ball in your hand so you are the one going to score the touchdown or not.

An Agent can do it, So Can You!

Before social media and online marketplaces, real estate agents were a necessity. Now that we have the internet, all homeowners have the power to sell a property at will.

You can build your own connection with buyers with social media platforms and marketplaces online. Buyers like dealing with people they know and trust.

Public platforms like Facebook, Craigslist and Zillow are free so why not leverage them to build your buyer pool?

Marketing a for sale by owner property in Florida has never been easier.

Agents specialize in current market trends in local markets.

You too can find these trends online now on websites like and

hire a photographer in florida

Realtors will handle photography in most cases. How good they come out is unknown until it goes live.

With the power of technology your smart phone can take high resolution photos.

Hiring a professional photographer is well worth it. They use software to make each picture pop, which will draw more focus on your property.

Using any one of those methods can save you money

You are the one who will be putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Technology enables the seller to take on many of the real estate agents’ roles to facilitate an effective sale.

Cons of Selling Your House by Owner in Florida

Selling your own house in Florida is not always the best option.

Using an agent is all about convenience, so if you do not have the time to learn your market and execute on managing the transaction then For Sale by Owner might not be for you.

An agent already understands the home sale process, which makes them more efficient.

If you are terribly busy between family commitments, your job, and other obligated activities, hiring a real estate agent might be a better option.

Using an agent will give you the freedom to commit to your normal day-to-day routine.

florida real estate marketing

Professional agents already have tools and people they can reach out to sell your property.

You will be learning these techniques which will require effort on your part.

Having professional photos and descriptive titles are essential to capturing a buyer’s attention.

The agent already has a photographer in their rolodex to leverage, whereas you will need to reach out to find one.

Tasks like these will be your responsibility when you are trying to sell by owner.

Florida real estate agents understand legal documents. They will have access to all the forms you will need to complete the sale.

You can download a Florida sale agreement contract to use if you are comfortable filling it out.

Laws are continuously changing so do your due diligence. While not necessary, you might want to consult with a real estate attorney for help.

You can also reach out to a local cash home buyer in your area who can provide these documents for free.

The takeaway is do you want to spend time and effort managing the sale or spend the money to hire a local agent.

What Does it Cost to Sell Your Home Buyer Owner?

Selling a House might look like it can be free but there are associated fees when doing it on your own.

What does an agent provide you with that is part of your commission fees?

Here we will detail all the costs associated with selling your home by owner in Florida.

analyze the sale price

A real estate agent would start by evaluating a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which will analyze the costs of property in the area.

The seller and agent would then set a price point that is in line with those recent home sales.

Since you are selling your home by owner, it is up to you to analyze and price your home at a competitive rate.

You can start by using online marketplaces such as Zillow and Redfin. Do not depend on the estimated home value these services give you. Values can vary drastically based on square feet and isolated neighborhoods.

You can hire an appraiser to give you a professional evaluation. This service will cost $400-$800 depending on the type of property.

Usually, an agent would schedule a videographer to come out to take photos. This will highlight your home and make it stand out from the other listings.

When deciding to go the for sale by owner route you will be responsible for managing this project.

There will be costs and time associated with this but the return on investment will be worth it.

If you are good at editing photos, you can save some money by using your phone and photo editing apps.

The traditional way to market a property is with an agent who will list it on the MLS.

market the property online

Your options are plentiful when selling by owner.

You don’t have to list on the MLS, instead use free marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist, or Zillow.

If you want to list the property on the MLS there are flat fee services that charge 100$. You will have to pay a buyer’s agent fee also which would be 2%-3%.

Listing on the MLS will get the property in front of the most buyers since this is the go-to standard in the industry.

There is a standard Florida sale agreement you can find on the internet for free. You will also see different websites selling these agreements which you can use based on your needs.

We have heard there are instances where for sale by owner sellers used non-standard agreements and got sued.

Hire an attorney to help draft or review the legal document before using it in any type of transaction.

Some sellers will offer a yearly warranty to attract more buyers.

These types of warranties will cover larger mechanical items like Air conditioning, pumps, water heaters and appliances.

This is just an option and does not need to be purchased when selling your home.

Closing costs will vary based on your city and title company fees.

It does not matter, with or without a realtor your closing fees will be the same.

Fees will include charges such as recording fees, settlement charges and title insurance.

Selling by Owner will cost you some time. At the end of the day, you are acting as the agent which will require you to do work. You will have to determine how much your time is worth before selling by owner.

There is another option which would be to sell direct to a professional home buyer in Florida.

Official Cash Offer buys property throughout Florida. There are no agent fees, you can save time and we will pay all closing costs. We can make you an offer today 😊

Should You Sell a Property in Florida Without a Realtor?

It might be overwhelming but ask yourself “Do I want to sell my house without a realtor?”.

After you come to reality on what is profoundly important to you, the answer will become clear.

We have purchased and sold houses both with and without a realtor.

Speed and price are the two things you need to think about when deciding on using an agent VS selling by owner.

If you answered yes, selling without an agent might be a good option.

You have 100% control of the process and you set the pace of the sale.

Real estate agents will follow a traditional process that requires certain steps to be followed.

If you sell your home as-is the FSBO process is even faster.

You also have the option of selling to an expert home buyer like Official Cash Offer today and closing in a few weeks.

If you could always get top dollars selling your home without a realtor everyone would do it.

Everyone wants to sell their home fast at top dollar without paying commissions. You have never sold a property before and lack the knowledge and experience a good agent has.

This will be a direct reflection in the sale price of your home.

If max price is your top priority, selling your property without a realtor will be more challenging unless you have experience.

When choosing whether you should sell your home without an agent in Florida, be truthful with yourself.

Selling your home without a realtor in Florida is not as easy as you might think.

If you have taken into consideration the time and effort and weighed out the pros and cons, selling your home buyer owner may be a good fit for you.

If you are still on the fence with your decision, consider selling your home to a cash home buying expert like Official Cash Offer. We buy houses throughout Florida from homeowners who would rather have a quick and easy sale.

How To Sell Your House By Owner In Florida

It’s common to not understand the for sale by owner process.

Selling your property without a realtor can be a great option for many reasons, but you must know how to do it.

Here are 5 steps to sell your house by owner in Florida:

pros and cons of selling your house by owner in south florida

If you have made it this far in reading you are ready to take on the challenge.

However, there are both benefits and hurdles to understand when choosing to sell without a realtor.

The most obvious pro of selling by owner is the money you can save on commissions.

The cons would be you will need to be fully committed with time and effort to find a buyer, get your home ready for showing and prepare your documents.

Whether or not you decide to go this route is totally up to you.

You can set any asking price for your home at the end of the day but setting a market price will determine if your home sells or not.

People think paying an agent 6% commission is a waste of money.

Once you go all in on selling by owner you will find out where this value comes from.

Investigating your competition is a terrific way to get a baseline price.

You will have to compare apples to apples or else this could affect how the market views your asking price.

Go over these questions when doing your price analysis.

What is the age of the property? Stay within a 10-year window for comparable homes.

Has the property been updated? A newly renovated home will sell for a higher price. Also compare the materials that were used in the renovation.

What is the size? Take square feet into consideration along with bed and bath counts.

After finding comparable properties sold within the year you have your asking price.

Some areas are harder to comp than others. You can consider hiring a appraiser to make things easy.

Once you see recent home sales in your area you can determine if any repairs or updates are needed.

Repairs and updates to a property can cost thousands of dollars but will you get a higher price point when selling to reap your rewards?

There are some cost-effective ways to improve the appeal to potential buyers.

Power washing and painting the property will do wonders to the overall feel.

If you are committed to selling your home, you must compete with others on market properties.

Disclose any major damage you are aware of from water, fire, or mold if you are selling in as-is condition.

find a buyer in south florida

You are in the home stretch 😊 (No Pun Intended).

Whether your property is renovated top to bottom, or you just want to sell as-is, there are buyers for both types of homes.

Traditionally the realtor would take care of the marketing.

These days with the internet it’s easier to get the word out about your property sale.

Selling an Updated property in Florida

The more eyes you can get on your property the better. If your home is updated in move in ready condition it needs to be displayed everywhere.

The most efficient way to market the property would be online.

  • List your home with a Flat Fee Broker on the MLS
  • Use all real estate marketplaces (Zillow, Facebook Etc.)
  • Leverage social media

Don’t forget your traditional marketing options:

  • Open Houses
  • Word of Mouth

Selling As-Is property in Florida

If you don’t want to do any repairs or updating selling as-is would be the way to go. Marketing that has associated costs is sometimes not worth it.

You can reach out to cash home buyers as another option.

When searching online for “we buy houses in Florida” or “cash home buyers in Florida” you will find many companies who will offer to buy your home as-is.

All cash buyers should be vetted to make sure they are legitimate. Check the online reviews and ask them any questions directly to make you feel comfortable working with them.

Professional home buyers should provide you with multiple options because a cash offer might not always be the best way to go. Official Cash Offer will provide you with customized options based on your needs.

Should You Put Out a Sign?

I would do that for sure! There are some inconveniences that these signs will attract rather than buyers.

You will be attracting these types of people so be prepared for a lot of calls to filter through.

Realtors- They will be contacting you to try and get a listing

Neighbors – They are not interested in buying but being nosy and see how much you are asking.

Newbie Real Estate Investors – they are looking for a needle in a haystack.

real estate closing in florida

You have a buyer ready to close!

In Florida you will need a formal purchase and sale agreement signed by both parties.

This document should list the purchase price and all terms associated with the sale.

You can find a standard Florida contract for free online.

We would always recommend you use an attorney if you are not comfortable filling this out.

A realtor would normally handle this paperwork but since you are selling by owner it is up to you.

To ensure your buyer closes on time make sure these are taken care of.

  • The buyer is approved for financing: There are instances where a buyer might have a pre-approval letter and not get funding. Once the property goes into final underwriting if the buyer does not meet all bank guidelines, they can refuse to fund the purchase.
  • Closing Cost Agreed: Costs can be negotiated in the purchase agreement. Both parties need to understand their closing cost obligations prior to closing.
  • Documents Signed: There are signatures required from both sides during closing. Sometimes you can sign via mobile notary if you or the buyer are not able to make it to the physically title office.

Once the funds are submitted to the title companies escrow account the sale has been finalized. It was that easy to sell your house without a realtor!

Selling your house in Florida by owner is a fantastic way to sell without having to pay commissions.

The drawback of selling by owner is the time and effort you will need to put into the process.

When deciding if you should sell your own home in Florida consider how much time and money it will require to complete the sale effectively.

If you are interested in an easy button option, consider selling to a direct home buyer.

Fill out the form below and one of our property analysts will talk you through it. We can provide you with an offer today! 😊

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